Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bring Out Your Inner-Athlete with Pilates Classes

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A lot of professional athletes depend on Pilates to improve their overall performance. But athletic improvement is not just for the pros. In addition to the multitude of health benefits Pilates provides it can also give weekend warriors like yourself a next-level boost.

Pilates improves strength and flexibility. The different movements and positioning help muscles grow stronger and more flexible over time. And not just specific muscles or muscle groups, as you would get with a gym workout. Pilates is a full-body workout. No matter what your sport of choice there isn't a twist, bend or jump you'll make that Pilates won't leave you better prepared for.

Lung power is not exclusive to cardio workouts. Sessions at a Pilates studio will teach you to breathe deeper and use your breath to improve focus and to control your body and mind. Pilates breathing techniques can benefit blood flow and increase the amount of oxygen your lungs receive. As a result of these improvements your stamina will increase allowing you to play your sport of choice longer and harder.

Concentration is one of the core principles of Pilates. The work you do in class to center your body and mind will spill over into other areas of your life. You will find yourself better able to cope with stressful situations, including the anxiety that comes with competition. A more relaxed, focused approach will help you avoid injury and keep your eye on the ball so to speak. Whether you are an avid cyclist, gymnast, golfer or football player your game will be improved compliments of Pilates.

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